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From Jan 01, 1999 To Jul 24, 2024
 Nov 28, 2010; 08:38PM - Charleston Harbor
 Category:  Carolina's
 Author Name:  Kyle Snider


Got a nice day to head out. Smooth seas little wind. Headed down to Charleston Harbor in my 21 ft Sea Pro and decided to go right outside the jetties to the first bouy. Started hitting blues and specaled trout with a yellow jig tipped with squid. Drifted some squid on the bottom until we found the bigger Black Sea Bass and stayed there for a few hours. Couldn't get the bait all the way down before we had fish on. Hopefully the weather calms down one more time before I have to take off next year for work.

Tight lines South Carolina!

 Category:  Carolina's
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster


We were headed offshore today with Tim Greene, Kevin Stanley, Eldon Hinegardner, Jerry Fredell, Olin Huffman, from Marganton,NC and Mike Greene from Lenoir,NC.

We found the fish in the 350's area to be biting pretty good. The highlite of the morning was a big Hog Nose Snapper and a big Almaco Jack that gave a great fight all the way to the boat!!

On the lite line the first King Mackeral we had was big enough that she bit through the #6 wire. We almost got her into gaff range before the wire parted and estimated her in the 30's.

The next king was just above 'snake' barely but then after that the current started backing up into the wind and that made running a lite line impossible for us as we anchor to bottom fish.

We tried drifting so we could run the lite line but then everyone was staying tangled so we scraped that idea.

We ended the day with the cart 3/4 full of fish for the crew, that's around 250 to 300 lbs. of fish. That should make a nice fish fry for everyone!!

We all had a beautiful day even though the winds and seas picked up in the evening making the ride home a little 'sporty' in the 3 to 5 foot seas, but the 'old Mako' made short work of them as she challenged each and every one at a crusing speed of 30 knots and a dry ride!!!

We didn't go out today, the weather was unstable and it looked like trouble was in the mix. As I have said so many times in the past, if you are not sure go with your first instincts!!

As it would happen, strong storms developed on the coast. Reports of at least two boats capsizing and one drowing so far. Guy's, it's a grim reminder that a fish is not worth the chance.

Just think what would have happened if these storms had taken an offshore path instead of going up the beach.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their familys!!

As for fishing tomorrow, I haven't decided yet. But you can bet that if there is the slightest chance of bad weather, we won't have a report on the fishing because I won't have my fishermen out there unless I know it's safe!!!

Till next time, stay safe, fish smart, and God Bless!!!

Fish On!!!!
Capt. Butch

 Dec 22, 2007; 01:01PM - DECEMBER FISHING REPORT
 Category:  Carolina's
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster

Capt Chris and I loaded up the International 50 TW's with hopes of bringing a Bluefin Tuna to the dock today. Didn't happen!!!

I only heard of two Bluefin's caught today and both were too short of the 73' limit to sell requirement. We started at the Raritan and worked our way to the Horseshoe. From there we went to the shoals and worked the edge to the knuckle buoy. From there we went to the East side, here we found a large school of trout, could not determine if they were grey or silver trout. If they were grey they were not legal size!! We talked about catching a few for dinner, but not being sure which they were, we didn't!!

This should have been a great place for the Tunas to be feeding. I mean there were a load of trout here, But I quess the Tunas didn't think the way I did.

I don't know if the one's that were here have left or if the approaching front may have had the bite shut off. I would say the front has them turned off right now and as soon as things stabilize a little better, the bite should resume as it was Tuesday and Wednesday.

But, then again, the bite at MHC today was reported to have been 'on fire'. The 'radio talk' was that there were 44 boats out up there and 44 boats were hooked up. Now remember, that was on the radio down here, If you are a fisherman, you know where I am going with this!!!!

Well, I didn't care that we didn't get a Bluefin Tuna today, sure I would love to have got one, it sure would help with the high fuel prices I am paying and not doing anything commercially!! But the reason I didn't care was because I got to spend an entire day in the boat with my son Captain Chris Foster.

Don't ever take the time you spend with your children for granted. I remember Capt Chris and I going everywhere and doing everything together all the time and then one day it was over. How could that happen so quickly? It's called life and sometimes it can be brutal and cruel.

Anyway, today it was Capt. Chris and I along with 'Admiral Bodie' the fish dog, and for a brief time today it was like 'old times' again. Wish it could happen more often, but I will Thank God for the times we can get together now, cherish every minute, and never take them for granted ever again!!!

Take a look at the big Red Drum we caught today. I out fished Capt Chris on the Reds today, but his was big enough for a NC Saltwater Citation and both of mine were just like the Tunas today, too short!!! Till next time, Capt Butch, Capt Chris, and 'Admiral Bodie' the fish dog says, Chris, please come back to see me when you can, we all miss you and love you very much!!!!

 Sep 24, 2007; 06:57PM - FISHIN' IS GREAT
 Category:  Carolina's
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster

I am planning an offshore trip tomorrow then I will know if they are still biting out there.

But until then, here's the scoop::::

The rains we have had can only improve the fishing situation. And with the influx of mullet minnows on the beach, Spanish Mackeral here as well as the Blue fish,the King Mackeral will have to be here in full force real soon.

And it may be sooner than later!!!! Today 9-21-07, I was on the pier and about two hours before dark, there were four King Mackeral hooked up.

Another boat caught 14 Kings at the Yaupon Reef and several more boats had King Mackeral there as well.

So, I would say, until the Pogys get back from their vacation up the river, get yourself some mullet and go catch some King Mackeral.

The fall fishing is starting to take shape.

There have been some spots caught in the surf and on the piers, and some have been the 'yellow bellies'. Try your bloodworms here, a good bait for spots.

The pompano, the small ones (Florida Pompano) have been biting in the surf and on the piers, shrimp is hard to beat, the fresher the better.

Blues are biting as well, they will hit just about anything from bait to lures!!

Spanish Mackeral are hit and miss, various spoons and jigs are the choice here.

The grey trout should be cranking up soon on the near shore reefs and while jigging for these you can most likely expect to hook up with some big red drum, so don't rig up too lite!!!

There are still flounder being caught, although this is slowing down a little from a slower year than usual already.

October should bring the bite back to the Gulfstream with the cooling waters of fall and winter inundating the area.

Wahoo's and Tuna's will most likely be in the area of the Black Jack to the Same Ol' soon!!

The biggest trouble with fall is trying to figure out what you would like to fish for!!!

Sometimes I sit at the mouth of the Cape Fear River where it empties into the ocean and will have to flip a coin to decide if I'm going offshore or staying inshore to fish that day, it's that time of year!!!!!!!!

Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch and 'Admiral Bodie' the fish dog says, this is my time of year!!!!

 Aug 26, 2007; 12:27PM - FISHIN' IS GREAT
 Category:  Carolina's
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster

SUNDAY 8-26-07

Had a cancellation for Saturday and Sundays trip was moved to a later date in September.

So, I took advantage of the two days off to do some much needed matenance to the 'YEAH RIGHT'.

Manning Outen fished Saturday and called me to let me know that the bottom fish offshore were still 'chewing down'.

A load of fish that included eight keeper grouper and an eight foot tiger shark.

Sounds like a very exciting day out there and several fresh fish dinners are in the future!!

At least he told me after I got all my repairs and service finished!!

Thanks Manning for the 'heads up' on the fishing, we will be back at it this week, stay in touch for more reports, Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch

FRIDAY 8-24-07

Well, I finally quit listening to the weather man and went to see for myself what the seas were like.

3 to 5 foot,YEAH RIGHT!!!! It was flat calm out there!!!!

Well maybe not flat calm, but no more than 2 feet at the very most at anytime!!

I had decided that if I kept waiting for a 'good forecast' that my fishing career may very well be over for a while!!

Now I'm not saying to disregard what the forecast says, but, 5 knot winds and 4 to 6 seas with no storms in the ocean.

I'm not saying that it isn't possible, and it may happen, but it's not happening at this time!!!

So, I met up with Charles Bennett from Tyro, NC and two friends Donald and Greg Kinley from Lexington, NC.

With the forecast still in the back of my mind, we ventured to the river channel where I could see from there that the weatherman's record was just 'stuck'

I made the run some 45 miles offshore in nearly perfect sea conditions. Why wasn't it perfect conditions, I don't know, except maybe that nothing on this earth is perfect!!

Any way, when we dropped on the first school of fish, we got 'NO' Bites!!

The next school, NO Bites!!

I was getting concerned, what's up???

I looked at my tide watch, the tide was beginning to make a switch and I figured the fish were relocating for the tide change and that was occuping their attention at that very moment.

So here I adjusted accordingly, and the guys couldn't keep their baits on the bottom!

It was fast and furious from that point on till the next slack tide!!

They had a bet on the biggest fish and Charley went ahead and got that out of the way first thing with the big Amberjack being the first fish he caught.

Now Greg was about to challenge the big fish pot several times, but, just couldn't keep them on the hook!!

Donald held his own and put both groupers in the boat!!

It was a real pleasure fishing with people from my home town area again.

That's the thing I miss most about not being there anymore, it's all the nice folks around that area of NC.

We ended the day with quite a catch for just three people!!

We had Big Black Bass, Almaco Jacks, Amberjack, Shark, Grey Snappers, Triggerfish, Huge B-Liners, Big Joltheads, Silver Snappers, and two Groupers, a nice Red and a nicer Scamp!!

I bet they sleep good tonight, I know I will!! Till next time, FISH ON!! Capt Butch and 'Admiral Bodie' the fish dog says, fall is just around the corner, Yeah!!!

 Category:  Carolina's
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster

What a week/month we have had. I don't ever remember the winds being this unsettled this time of year. We have had to stay mostly close in to the beach where the bite has been anywhere from real tough to not at all. The first few weeks we were plaged with 'grass' everywhere fouling your lines when you tried to fish. But it's now all washed up on the beach!! The only exceptations have been a few times that we have been able to take advantage of the Islands blocking the SW winds where we could run up to Carolina Beach, but, here also, the bite has been real slow with mainly Shark fishing providing some action. The shark fishing has also been sproatic!! The reefs around 10 miles out at Carolina Beach have produced a few King Mackeral, Spanish Mackeral, and a stray Mahi- Mahi or two! The usual fish holding spots off our beach has produced some fish over the past few weeks, the trouble has been finding calm enough seas to get out there. The inshore fishing for King Mackeral and Spanish Mackeral has been about as slow as I have ever seen it. When we were able to get offshore before all this wind moved in we were doing real good with the Grouper and Bottom fish in the areas around the Tower and to the East and South West. The King Mackeral and Spanish Mackeral bite in these areas were fairly good as well. Hopefully when we do get back out there the fish will still be there, but, from what I've seen so far this year, I wouldn't be suprised at anything!! If you are not trying to make a living in the charter boat business, count your blessings this year. We have cancelled more trips than we have run, and the trips we have run has been real hard to produce fish on. This is the best I can come up with at this time, it's hard to provide a fishing report when you are sitting on 'the hill' waiting for the winds and seas to calm down so you can get back out!! Yeah, I know, this is not the kind of report you want to be reading here in July, but I am known for telling it like it really is and sometimes the 'truth hurts'!! Let's all just hope that by the time you are reading this that things have turned around for the better and once again the word from the back of the boat will be'FISH ON'!!! Capt Butch, www,

 Jul 10, 2007; 07:22PM - JULY 10th FISHING SUMMARY
 Category:  Carolina's
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster

Lets hope this heat and wind doesn't hurt the fishing. We are having to cancel trips this week so far due to rough conditions from a 20 to 30 knot SW wind. The whole week doesn't look good at this time. But, time will tell the full story!!

Before the windy and HOT weather we were having great catches on the Red Grouper. Limits were not uncommon. Baits that were producing were live Cigar Minnows, Live Pogys, frozen Cigar Minnows and hand size pieces of cut baits.

Also, find a spot where the current was not 'screaming', the deeper the water the less current. The areas around the Tower in 40 feet of water has had terrible currents lately and I have found that to the East and South West in the deeper water, 80 to 100 feet the current has not been bad at all. But, by the time you read this, this could all be changed to a different scenerio!!

In the less current areas is where you will have your best luck on Bottom Fish like Black Bass, Vermillion Snapper, Grey Snapper, Triggerfish, Joltheads, etc. Squid, and cut bait will serve well here to get these tasty fish on the hook!!

King Mackeral were biting well at the areas like the Horseshoe's, 15 mile rock, Jungle, 90/90, etc. Here, you will do well to get some live pogys. However, if the live bait is hard to get, they will bite the frozen cigar minnows good as well. I like to pull them on the 'Hank Brown' style lead heads, this will make the dead minnows swim to look like they are alive. Just be sure you hook them straight up from the botton through the center between the eyes to prevent them from spinning. I like to check them at boat side for running properly before I send them back in the spread.

Keep an eye open while Bottom Fishing for Mahi-Mahi. We have been having them come up around the boat while grouper fishing. Keep a couple of spinning rods ready, and when you see them, pitch a small quarter sized piece of squid at them on a plain #4 wide bend hook. Keep one Mahi-Mahi in the water hooked up at all times, this will keep the school around the boat long enough to catch several before they move on!!

The Flounder fishing season is here. The inshore reefs are producing with mullet minnows rigged 'carolina style'. Speckled Trout have been biting well off the piers on live shrimp as have the King Mackeral on live baits!!

Spanish Mackeral fishing is 'spotty'. The fishing for these have been tough with all the Sargasco Grass that has blown in on the beach from offshore. I have had reports of a lot of Spanish Mackeral action taking place at the 90/90 and Jungle. Try your 00 Clark Spoons in gold and/or silver pulled on #1 and #2 Planers around 6 to 7 knots. Watch for the white terns working the schools of glass minnows that the Spanish chase to the surface, a dead give away that Spanish are in the area, you will also see the spanish jumping out of the water a lot of times when feeding, but, not always.

Spade fish are on the reefs now in good numbers. A piece of 'jellyball' will usually trigger a bite from the verocious fighters. Don't rig up to lite here, or you won't land these hard fighters. Keep a few to eat, but please release what you can't eat to help preserve these fish for future fishermen!!

SHARKS, OH YEAH!!!! The Shark fishing is wide open now!!! There have been some 'monsters' hooked up lately!!! Some have eaisly broken 150 lb. test line lately. But, some in the 100 pound range have also been brought to the boat. Baits here include Pogys, Spanish Mackeral or just about any kind of oily, fishy chunk of bait will work here. Just tie a big circle hook 10/0, 12/0, etc on you line, wire leader is up to you, free line it out behind the boat while drifting around the shoals or off the beach and HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!!

Capt Butch

 Jun 9, 2007; 11:18AM - FISHIN' IS GREAT
 Category:  Carolina's
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster

Today we were on another bottom fishing mission!!! We had with us Skeeter Midgette, James Midgette Jr., and Margie Midgette from Winnabow,NC and Ricky Midgette from Wilmington,NC.

The day was filled with eventful events. James caught his first King Mackeral, and a nice one at that!!! Skeeter and Ricky caught a little bit of everything, but, the real prize winner was Margie. This lady caught two Kings at one time. She had one on the hook and the other one had wrapped its tail up in the line in front of the one on the hook. I've been fishing a long time, I have never seen anything like that before. To top it off, she wanted a grouper, so she catches one. But not just any grouper would do, she catches a real nice Black Grouper. First one of those I've seen in a long time!!!

We ended the day with limits of Grey Snappers, Pinky's, Black Bass, Triggerfish, Almaco Jacks, King Mackeral, Grouper, and Sharks. The day was another beautiful day in God's glorious domaine. We are so fortunate we have the opportunity to share it with fishermen and fisherwomen and make so many lasting memories!! Check out other reports and pictures at Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch, 1st Mate Landon, and 'Admiral Bodie' the fish dog says HI!!!.

 Category:  Carolina's
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster

Yes, you read the header right!! It's Saturday and I am at the computer instead of offshore terrorizing the fish.

No, today's charter had complications beyond our/their control and couldn't make it. 1st Mate Landon and I discussed the possibilities of heading offshore and doing a commercial trip since the King Mackeral were biting fairly well, but, we were both tired from yesterday's trip and I couldn't stop thinking about how far behind I am on answering my e-mails so he went home to rest and I will rest after I get all these e-mails answered and get the fishing reports sent to all the Magazines, News papers, and fishing sites that depend on me each week!!

Speaking of yesterday's trip, Landon and I were honored to have with us a fine group of fishermen from the Lumberton, NC area. They were comprised of Carless Lee, Clifton Fulmore, William Satler, Andray Jones, Robin Johnson, and Jimmy Crumpler. A fine group of gentlemen and fishermen!!!!

Our quarry today was to be bottom fish and lite lining for King Mackeral. The current was 'screaming' but the fish were there and biting. Problem was, too many species were biting. You get anchored up and start catching nice, big, bottom fish, then here comes the party crashers, the Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks.

Now don't get me wrong, the sharpnose is not a bad eating fish, but, with a one fish limit, six drops and you were limited out. And as for the lite line, they got so aggravating we just pulled it in!!

The fish are biting, but, you have to keep moving away from the sharks, cause when they move in, the bottom fishing is over!!! Also, we don't know exactly how to explain this, but, we only had three(3) guys fishing, the other three on the Starboard side of the boat decided to lay down and take a nap or something like that. Now, I am at the age where my memory is not as good as it was, so, I'll let them tell you about the benefits of taking a mid day nap on a fishing trip offshore!!!! Oh, yeah, I did hear one say something about never eating 'pig skins' before you go fishing, that must keep you awake or something???

I had run to the SE of the tower to a wreck in 110 feet of water, hoping to find less current and less sharks. We did find less sharks, but the current was worse but due to the fact that you could get your baits to the bottom before being attacked by the sharks, we were catching some decent bottom fish here!!

Well, it was getting late in the day and the guys had wanted to try to get some King Mackeral, but due to the 'shark frenzy' we didn't have any.

About this time Manning Outen, a fellow fisherman that I invited to anchor up behind me this past winter to get some black bass returned the favor!! He called and said he had the Kings going and with NO SHARKS!!!! Now, we had one fish box full of bottom fish and were only about 12 miles from Manning. Upon asking if they would like to finish out the day trying for the Kings where Manning had so graciously invited us to join him, well, in short order we were up and running. Thanks Manning, you are a true sportsman,and you were asking me where the fish were, I think maybe I need to be asking you!!! Thanks again my friend, you 'saved the day' for me!!

Upon arriving, Manning was making a circle so we stayed well clear as not to interfere with his fishing and we dropped the baits in. I was marking plenty of bait but was having no takers so after a little bit I suggested we change our strategy. That change in our game plan netted us with 18 King Mackeral, all six guys got their limit of three each.

Another great day, some more GREAT people, but hey, I have come to realize that all fisherpeople are just Great people, but I like to think that the ones that fish with us on the 'YEAH RIGHT' are the GREATEST OF ALL!!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch, 1st mate Landon, and of course, 'Private Bodie' the fish dog says, man, these guys wore me out yesterday, there were King Mackeral flying everywhere, I didn't know which one to jump on!!!
Check out the pic's at (910)845-2004

 Apr 5, 2007; 09:27PM - GULFSTREAM REPORT
 Category:  Carolina's
 Author Name:  Captain Butch Foster

TUESDAY 4-3-07
Today we were headed back to the Gulfstream witn Gary Deeck, David Harris, Sam and Zack Lambert. Unlike yesterday, the seas were a little rougher than yesterday, but were supposed to lay out as the day went on, and they did!!!

I had visions of fish boxes overflowing with Wahoo and Tunas. As we got closer to the 100/400 the boats were that already there were reporting trouble finding any fish.

I decided to move a little closer to the Black Jack Hole and a degree or two warmer water. The water color was OK, but not quite what I like!!

We made a few circles around the Black Jack, no action!! I was listening to the other boats on the radio reporting the same results.

With this knowledge, I turned and set a course towards the Steeples. About 1/2 way there, Capt Roger on the Carolina Contender hooked up with a Wahoo. Must have been the only Wahoo there!! We fished the same area (thanks for the #'s Capt Roger), then moved on towards the Steeples.

The bite was real slow today. After yesterday's bite, we had thought that with the calmer conditions we would have to hide in the cabin to bait a hook today. Fishing and fish never do what it's supposed to do, or at least the way we want them to!!!

Arriving at the Steeples, the water was about as Gulfstream Blue as you'll ever see it, I had a better feeling here. Well, it was slow here. I was pulling an assortment of Bluewater Candy Lures and Cape Lookout Lures skirts and heads, and a 'shotgun' rod with a cedar plug on it.

Just as we crossed one of the mountain tops, the cedar plug rod bent over, Someone yelled fish on and 'Private Bodie' the fish dog came un-wound!!!! It was a Blackfin Tuna!!!

I immediately reeled in two more rods and fitted them with cedar plugs. The old standard in bluewater fishing did it again!! Soon, we were loading up one, two, and sometimes three rods on the cedar plugs with Blackfin Tunas. Tunas were flying everywhere in the boat, Bodie was jumping from fish to fish trying to make them hold still, and suddenly the slow bite was forgotten!!

There are some Yellowfins out there, Capt Roger was fishing two hundred yards to our port catching Blackfins also, when his number was called and he hooked up and boated a Yellowfin.

I think we had a couple of Yellowfins hooked up the day before that pulled the hooks on a diving plug, the reel was 'melted down' the hooks pulled and there were no gashes cut in the lure to indicate a wahoo bite, but, we'll never know for sure!!!

The Blackfin bite slowed so we took off to the Tower area to get a mess of bottom fish before heading in. Another good day on the seas with some Great guys!!!

The King Mackeral have finally showed up offshore. From what I hear, they are on the East side. Come on down and let's go fishing, you've waited all winter, and now it's time!!!

I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. I love what I do and I love to see folks catch fish and have a great time, how could you not love that?????? Check out pic's on my site at

P.S. To all the e-mails I have, I will try to get them answered tonight or tomorrow. Please be patient with me, I am getting older and slower!!! Till next time FISH ON!!! Capt Butch and 'Private Bodie' the fish dog says, finally I can get some rest, the wind blowing is not always a bad thing, at least not for me!!!


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