21 Apr 2003 - Cabo Bite Report
 Category:  Mexico Cabo San Lucas
 Author Name:  George Landrum
 Author E-mail:  gmlandrum@hotmail.com
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WEATHER: Just like last week, we had mostly overcast skies this week, only no rain. We
could not get a good sea surface shot due to the clouds. Our night time lows were in the high
60ís and daytime highs in the mid 80ís. Winds were from the northwest in the mornings with an
occasional switch to the southeast or east in the afternoons, bringing in cool air off the ocean.
(Fire and Rain)

WATER: The water was a good, solid blue early in the week and started to get a bit of green
in it on the Pacific side on Wednesday, but never got really discolored. The Pacific side of the
Cape was pretty much a sheep farm all week long with swells in the 3-5 foot range but the wind
chopping it out. The Cortez side had smaller swells and less wind chop but when the wind
occasionally switched it got sloppy. Surface temperatures were in the 73-74 degree range for the
most part with a warm area of 76 degrees moving in from the east. (Shower The People)

BAIT: Caballito and some Mackerel were available at the usual $2 per bait and there was no
problem finding them in the morning. (Youíve Got A Friend)


BILLFISH: As was the case last week, there are plenty of Striped Marlin out there but with the
full moon they have not been biting quite as well as expected. Most boats are getting shots at fish
but they have not been very hungry. There have been some Sailfish showing up in the catch
recently as well and they are being found in the same area as teh Striped Marlin. Best locations
have been around the 95 spot and lures in dark colors and live bait have had the most success.
Hookups have been hard to come by for many of the boats but everyone is seeing fish. Hopefully
as the moon wanes the bite will improve. A few Swordfish were found on the surface this week
but I donít know of anyone having the luck to hook one up. (Mexico)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: For the third week in a row the Yellowfin have been the fish of the week!
And they have been pretty much close at hand with many fish being caught around the 95 spot as
well as south of the arches out to a distance of 15 miles. Blind strikes have resulted in many fish
in the 15-20 pound class and spotting Dolphins feeding has led many anglers to fish in the 50+
pound range. A variety of lures in colors like green/black, red/orange and blue/purple have
worked, as have cedar plugs and swimming plugs. (Steamroller)

DORADO: Pretty much the same as last week....The Dorado have continued to bite this week
and they are staying good size with an average fish being around 25 pounds. There are still not
large numbers being found but they are quality fish. Most of these are being found around the 95
spot. Any floating object that has been in the water for a while has been holding fish as well. No
specific lure was better this week but live bait was a sure bet when you found the Dorado.
(Something In The Way She Moves)

WAHOO: The bite on Wahoo picked up this week with many more boats reporting good size
fish to 70 pounds. Lucky anglers tied into two or three fish on a trip, but that was not the
average. One fish for every 6 boats was the ratio I worked out from the flags flying. The full
moon helped improve the catch on Wahoo just as it hurt the success with Marlin. One to five
miles offshore on the Cortez side seemed to be putting out a few more fish than other areas.
(Golden Moments)

INSHORE: The Yellowtail bite dropped of to almost nothing, as did the Sierra bite. Bottom
fishing for Amberjack, Snapper and Grouper has been fair as long as the wind stayed down, with
most of the fish in the 3-6 pound range, caught on cut bait such as squid and Skipjack Tuna.
(Long Ago And Far Away)

NOTES: Easter week in Cabo and things are nuts downtown. Iím getting out of town on
Sunday and going fishing so I am writing this report Saturday evening. Check the daily report at
my home site to see how it went! This weeks report written to the sweet sounds of James Taylor
on the 1993 Warners compilation ďThe Best Of James TaylorĒ. Until next week, Tight Lines!