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Shimano Tyrnos 8  Lever drag

Shimano Tyrnos 8 Lever drag
Shimano Tyrnos

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About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


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Globe Line Winder GFA-2000 Spinning Reel

Globe Line Winder GFA-2000 Spinning Reel
Globe Line Winder GF-800 Spinning reel 10 bearings front drag system 5:1 ratio 210 yds 6 lb test

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Mustad Hooks 7691S Southern Tuna Stainless Steel
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Mustad 92641 Snelled bait holder hooks 100 pcs

Mustad 92641 Snelled bait holder hooks 100 pcs
Mustad 92641 bronzed snelled bait holder hooks ideal for both fresh and salt water fishermen

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fishing wanted
 May 14, 2007; 06:44PM
 Category:  Canada Fishing Trips
 Name for Contacts:  Roger Bligh
 Phone:  1.250.934.5530/1.866.934.5533
 City:  Tahsis/Zeballos
 State:  British Columbia
 Country:  Canada
 Description:  Come Live the Adventure on the Spectacular west coast of Vancouver Island. Best guides.Great Boats.Majestic Lodge Location. Salmon, Halibut and rock fish abound from our location at the doorstep of the world famous Esperanza Inlet. Bring your camera: whales, sea otters, bald eagles, dolphins, marbled merlot and lots of other superb visual feasts of natural beauty.

fishing photo contest
w i n n e rw i n n e r
January 2004 best fishing photo
$50 free fishing tackle for the photo with the most votes. Contest open to all anglers. Sponsored by Emperor Tackle
Troy Glasgow 90 lbs Sailfish
Click here to enlarge
Click the image for full story
Troy Glasgow, 33
Dr. Joseph Sullivan of Memphis, Tennessee caught this beautiful...
160 vote(s)

fishing tips and tricks
 Aug 12, 2003; 10:50AM - Jiggin' It
 Category:  Freshwater Bass Fishing Tips
 Author Name:  Steven Narup
 Author E-mail:
Tip&Trick Description 1: Jigs come in all sorts of shapes, colors, sizes, and even skirt materials. There are a bunch of different ways to fish them as well. However, to be able to catch them when the fishing is tough, you have to be very versatile. In this article, I will go through different ways of fishing jigs and I will begin to get you acquainted with this wonderful lure called a jig, in this little guide called “Jiggin’ It”.

Let me first give you a little bit of “background” about jigs. Jigs come made with many different kinds of materials. Just to name a few hair, tinsel and silicone. However, in this guide we will mostly be talking about silicone jigs. Silicone jigs are much easier too fish. Being that when they get wet, they become waterproof making them easier to slide through thick vegetation. To help aid the jig going through the thick milfoil some people use scent.

Jigs come in many different shapes and size, they even come with different shaped heads for different types of applications. They come made with a flipping, swimming, and even a stand-up type head. They also come in an array of different weight heads.

Jigs even come in countless colors and even different shades. It is best that when you first start out fishing a jig you should stick to basic colors. Some of the basic jig colors would include brown and orange, moss green and even black and blue.

When selecting a jig by its size you want to use as less weight as possible. Using less weight will give the jig a more realistic action and presentation. You also need less weight because bass will normally hit the jig when it is on the fall, and using less weight will help the jig fall slower. While we are talking about fall rate lets talk a little about jig trailers. Plastic trailers work great for cooler water, when the fish are more active. Jigs with pork are a deadly combination when the water temperature drops below 60. When you pick a trailer, you should keep in mind to match the trailer color to the color of the jigs skirt.

Now lets get into how to fish a jig. There are many different ways to fish them. One of the more popular ways to fish them is to do a hop and swim type retrieve. When you do this, you should make a long cast and then let the jig rest on the bottom for a few seconds, and then slowly lift your rod tip and let the jig fall back to the bottom. Then after a few hops you swim the jig a few feet, then begin to hop the jig again. This hop and swim method has produced greatly for many people all throughout the country.

Another way to fish a jig is to just hop the jig on the bottom or even drag it. However, one of the deadliest ways to fish a jig is to swim it close to the bottom or above a weed line. A seven-foot heavy action rod will give the jig enough action to entice big bass, be sure to pick a rod with a soft tip and enough backbone to horse the big boys out of the thick stuff.

The last technique I am going to cover is flipping and pitching. To do this you should flip the jig into weed pockets or into shoreline cover. When you do this, a good choice is a seven and a half foot heavy action rod and thirty-five pound monofilament. The heavy action rod will be stout enough to pull a five pound bass out the roughest spots you can flip your jig into.

This is just a little guide on how to fish a jig. If you experiment with different ways to fish them and you find out which technique the bass wants, you will have a killer day out on the water!

fishing boats and accessories
 Jan 16, 2003; 10:14PM - '99 Donzi 30 ZF Cuddy T-250 Johnsons
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  $62,000.00
 Name for Contacts:  Steve Morris
 Phone:  281-484-3954
 City:  Houston
 State:  TX
 Country:  USA
Click here to enlarge Description 1: Great Boat in great shape and ready to fish! Simrad CE-32 Fishfinder/Chart Plotter/DGPS, Sitex Profish II Fishfinder/Plotter/GPS, Koden Radar, VHF, Pioneer Stereo/CD/MP3, Cannon Downriggers, Porta Potty, Onboard Guest Battery Charger/Conditioner, All Coast Guard Equipment and anchor.

fishing reports
 May 21, 2007; 11:53PM - Chinook and Steelhead Terrace BC and other coast wilderness rivers
 Category:  Canada
 Author Name:  Noel Gyger
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: The photo of the week shows an extremely bright Chinook (King) Salmon landed and released (after a kiss) on the Kalum River on May 17th by Robert Pratt of Kamloops. We think it weighed around 25-30 pounds. In addition to this photo check out the video clip at: It is Chinook video clip #0002 and is titled (Roberts 1st Kalum Chinook) You tell me if Robert and his family are excited!

Noel Gyger - Guided Fishing Adventures and Weekly Fishing Report
4012 Best Street, Terrace, B.C. V8G 5R8, Canada
Tel/Fax: (250) 635-2568
Cell: (250) 631-2678
Home page:
Fishing Reports:
RECORD SALMON & STEELHEAD Spin or fly-fishing

Home Page:

Noel Gyger - WEEKLY FISHING REPORT dated May 13 – May 20, 2007
Dear Fishing Friends:

The weather and water conditions are good. I had the pleasure to fish again with my good friend Dan Berg of Kamloops BC. He brought his dad Norris and his brother-in-law Robert to fish with me for a couple of days on May 16 and 17on the Kalum River. Target: BIG Chinook (King) Salmon. Steelhead were secondary. Water was in great shape although still rising, it had a lot of suspended debris floating through it. Did this affect the bite? I think so. Anyway, we managed to land one beautiful, bright fresh Chinook (King) Salmon and three Steelhead. We may have hooked about 5 more fish but lost them. It’s the first time Norris fished for Chinook and Steelhead in a river so there was that “learning curve” he had to go through. Were they excited? I can tell you I was. They were used to catching only small Kamloops Rainbow Trout. I knew from the guides Chinook were in the river but this is the first one I saw with my own eyes. It was a very special moment. By the way – the two female Steelhead landed were in great shape and not spawned-out yet but the one male was very dark and had spawned.

Even though it is late in the spring season, May is “prime time” to fish for Steelhead on the Kitimat River. You still have some fresh fish coming-in and spawned fish going-out. A fair number of Chinook are entering the river now. Steelhead and Chinook can be caught on the same day.

I have updated reports and photos from Ron Wakita for Northcoast and Craig Murray Central coast.

In general, the fishing is good.

If I can be of service to find you the “best” guided fishing adventure let me know. Cast here to check out more of what I have to offer:

Be sure to check out my website at for more info on my history, Quality Waters Strategy, special guided fishing trips, video clips, scenic river photos, wildlife photos and others, comments from past guests, informational articles and archived fishing reports from 1996 through 2002. I hope it meets with your entire satisfaction.

CURRENT REPORT and summary for Skeena and Tributaries:

TYPE OF FISH CAUGHT: Chinook (King) Salmon and Steelhead

Thank you for using barbless hooks.


LARGEST FISH OF THE WEEK: Specie: 25-30-pound Chinook (King) Salmon Where: Kalum River Angler: Robert Pratt

WEATHER: Partly cloudy. Highs to 15 degrees C. Region normal: Max. Temp. 18 degrees C. Min. Temp. 6 degrees C. Sunrise 5:22 am Sunset 9:40 pm

WEATHER REPORTS VIA TELEPHONE: Environment Canada taped messages constantly updated, giving current conditions and three day forecasts. Terrace 250-635-4192 Kitimat 250-632-7864 Prince Rupert 250-627-1155 Smithers 250-847-1958.

For current Terrace weather information please cast on:

WATER CONDITIONS: fair to good on most rivers except for the main stem Skeena which is basically chocolate brown. This is normal for this time of year. The spring melt off has begun, hopefully it comes off in an orderly manner. So far, so good. The high water should bring more BIG Chinook (King) Salmon.




SKEENA RIVER: the river rose a little, still dirty and really not fishable. This is normal for this time of year. If we get lucky with the weather, the water will continue to drop and clean-up enough so we can start to fish for the bright, fresh Chinook (King) Salmon that are migrating through the system now.

KALUM RIVER: has an “excellent” run of Steelhead. Chinook (King) Salmon are also available. Catching both Steelhead and Chinook on the same day is great fun! The water is rising slowly but staying in fishable shape. Having a big lake at the head end helps keep the water clarity stable.

This is a Classified River year round and can be guided from March 15 through October 15 only. The Steelhead record is 32-pounds. To see a photo of this fish cast to: The angler is Dennis Therrien.

This is the river where I helped land a fish on May 24, 1983 that changed my life and got me interested in the guiding industry. I wrote an article about this fish and it can be read on my website at:

Here is a brief excerpt:

“We could hardly believe it, we had landed the big fish. Jim tried to pick it up, but it was too heavy, or else he was too tired. We skidded it back to the boat. As we headed back upstream to where the play had started, we celebrated. This Chinook was weighed on legal scales at 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. The Kalum River record, 83-pound 8-oz. was the result.”

To this very day I have never seen such a big fish again.

To continue to conserve these special, beautiful big fish you must release the big ones over 65 centimeters in the early season. You may retain the smaller ones.

KASIKS RIVER: It is now possible to fish for Chinook at the mouth, in the clean seam, where it joins the Skeena. Sometimes, the Chinook come out of the Skeena and into the clean water in search for scent of their home river.

EXCHAMSIKS RIVER: Same as above, it is now possible to fish for Chinook in the clean seam.

EXTEW RIVER: Same as above, it is now possible to fish for Chinook in the clean seam.

Note: the above three rivers are closed to angling for Chinook except at the very low end. Please check 2005 – 2007 BC Freshwater Salmon Supplement (fancy name for regulations) at: for details.

ZYMOETZ (COPPER) RIVER: is closed now for angling (as of December 31, 2006 above the lower canyon) to protect the “wintering over” wild Steelhead. Spring fishing is still available on the lower end below the canyon. Like other Skeena tributaries, the Chinook will start coming in.

OCEAN FISHING PRINCE RUPERT: Randy Janzen of Unreel Charters in Prince Rupert is very busy with his charter business but did find the time to send me these two photos. The photos pretty much sum up how the fishing is.

A summary of what is available year round can be read in the Archived Fishing Report dated April 13, 1997. For a direct link cast here:

AREA RIVER RECORDS: Chinook Salmon: Skeena River, 92.5-pounds; Kalum River, 85-pounds; Kitimat River, 74-pounds; Steelhead: Skeena River, 45-pounds; Coho Salmon: Skeena River, 27-pounds.

CURRENT REPORT and summary for Northern Coastal Rivers:


Success continues for guide Mike Herzberg (on the right) with a couple of very nice Chinook (King) Salmon. They hooked three chinook and landed two. They also caught and released two steelhead. Mike has really dialed this early Chinook (King) Salmon in. His streak is still alive!

One of the advantages of raising a family in the Northwest is the vast opportunity to share the passion of fishing with your family. Some of the fondest memories I have of my father are hockey road trips and fishing trips. My sons, Brandon and Corey and Corey's friend Alex continued the family fishing tradition on a Saturday afternoon drift. On the drive up to launch the drift boat we decided that if we catch a hatchery steelhead we would barbecue it for dinner. I reminded the boys that the regulations only allow hatchery Steelhead to be kept. They are distinguished by the missing adipose fin that is clipped in the hatchery before they are released. The regulations also require that angler to stop fishing,' Once you catch and retain a steelhead you can no longer fish those waters for the remainder of that day'.

Five minutes into the drift Corey landed a ten pound hatchery doe. Corey kept the fish and as planned we cooked it for dinner. I could feel Corey's sense of pride for the rest of the day and especially throughout dinner. There was also another proud moment when he delivered a fresh fillet of his catch to his Great Aunt who loves fresh fish. The 'fishing' is only a part of the experience, the pride and telling the fish stories after is also an important part of the program. It was a gratifying moment for me as a father to watch his thirteen year old son catch, fight and land a Steelhead all on his own.

The Kitimat River has a healthy run of early Chinook and Steelhead in the system right now. It is possible to hook both species depending on the type of water that you choose to fish. Mike Herzberg of Reliable Guide and Charters boated five Chinook and seven Steelhead last week.

Pat Oliver also an associate guide for Reliable Guide and Charters and Justin Lowes drifted on Thursday (May 17th). Although the Kitimat River was on the rise because of the warmer weather they hooked two Chinook and landed one about 18lbs. There was also a report of a Chinook lost and another one landed at the Big Spruce. It appears that there is a healthy early run of Chinook in the Kitimat which is a good sign of things to come. Report and photos from Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters


Don Carlson and his group fished the outer waters of the Douglas Channel and they boated their limit of 27 halibut. Great catch Don! Congratulations to you and your group.

Cosby Smith of Cosby Smith Charters boated four Chinook Thursday May 17th all around twenty to twenty five pounds. He also caught one on low slack on Friday about 22lbs. I suspect that these are all part of the early run of Chinook destined for the upper Kitimat. They are mostly 20 to 35lbs. They can almost be identified by their shape. They look like footballs. They are almost as thick as they are long.
With the better weather and the May long weekend more boaters will be out fishing the Douglas Channel. Stay tuned for the results of this weekend in next week's report.

Report and photos from Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters

CURRENT REPORT and summary for Central Coast/North Van Island Wilderness Rivers:

May 18, 2007

Fishing report from Nimmo:

A photo speaks volumes. And the Saga continues ....

Stay tuned folks for the next edition from Nimmo Bay.

To Fly is Human ... To Hover, Divine

Craig Murray, Owner
Nimmo Bay Resort


2005/2007 BC tidal waters and freshwater Salmon fishing information:
Effective April 1, 2005 to March 31, 2007

2006/2007 Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis:
Effective April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2007

NOTE: For In-season Regulation Changes posted on the web check the above URL’s

CATCH & RELEASE FORMULA: Chinook: girth squared x length x 1.54 divided by 1000. Steelhead: Steelhead: girth squared x length x 1.33 divided by 1000 (inches)

To receive my WEEKLY FISHING REPORT and PHOTO via e-mail please send your name and e-mail address to: Noel Gyger


Yours sincerely,

Noel F. Gyger

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