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20/0 Stainless Steel Treble hook

20/0 Stainless Steel Treble hook
20/0 stainless steel model 7731 treble hook ideal for bridges piers as gaffs or grappling hook great

PRICE: $44.00

God Bless The Troops
We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - George Orwell
Jason Wallis Photography
Corporate Headshots Magazine covers Fashion Advertising Campaigns Model Portfolio's and Headshots Family Portraits Weddings
Did you know that
About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


fishing store

Globe Line Winder GFA-4000 Spinning Reel
Globe Line Winder GFA-4000 Spinning reel 10 bearings front drag system 5:1 ratio 220 yds 12 lb test

PRICE: $60.99

Striped marlin 90 inch

PRICE: $850.00

Globe Line Winder GFA-3000 Spinning Reel

Globe Line Winder GFA-3000 Spinning Reel
Globe Line Winder GF-3000 Spinning reel 10 bearings front drag system 5:1 ratio 220 yds 8 lb test

PRICE: $60.99

fishing wanted
 Dec 27, 2009; 11:38PM
 Category:  Looking for
 Name for Contacts:  Annette Bowman
 Phone:  828-322-7176
 City:  Hickory
 State:  NC
 Country:  USA
 Description:  Looking for the Excalibur (Bill Dance signature series) Fat Free Fry in Crawfish. The lure is 2' long and the body is practicly see thru (with the exception for where the crawfish design and color has been airbrushed) I would like to purchase as many as you have. I will take old, new, it doesn't matter. This is all my boyfriend fishes with and he is almost out of these.

fishing photo contest
w i n n e rw i n n e r
January 2004 best fishing photo
$50 free fishing tackle for the photo with the most votes. Contest open to all anglers. Sponsored by Emperor Tackle
Troy Glasgow 90 lbs Sailfish
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Troy Glasgow, 33
Dr. Joseph Sullivan of Memphis, Tennessee caught this beautiful...
160 vote(s)

fishing tips and tricks
 Aug 5, 2003; 10:26PM - Albright Knot
 Category:  Knots to use
 Author Name:  Steve vonBrandt/S&K Guide Service
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Tip&Trick Description 1: Albright Knot
The albright knot is most commonly used for joining lines of different diameter, for creating shook leaders and when Bimini Twist is tied in the end of lighter casting line. It is also used to connect monofilament to wire.

1.Create a loop in the tag end of the heavier line, then feed the tag end of the lighter line through it.
2. Bring the tag end up and over the loop to make your first turn.
3. Make a series of turns around all three stands, keeping it as tight as possible.
4. make a minimum of 10 turns, bringing the tag end out of the end of the heavier line's loop.
5. To tighten the knot, pull the standing part of the heavier line. At the same time, slide the turns toward the loop end.
6. When turns are in a neat position, pull both standing parts to make the knot tight. Trim ends.

fishing boats and accessories
 Jun 16, 2003; 04:53AM - AnnaCapri Mini Yacht
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  price negotiable
 Name for Contacts:  Taylor Magestic
 Phone:  1-830-899-3389
 City:  Canyon Lake
 State:  Texas
 Country:  United States
Description 1: 1973 27ft.w/ cabin,tower,twin Volvo Pentas i/o, many accs. Trailor twin IBeam Float- On solid aluminum.
Description 2: Better than average condition.Will sell or trade for smaller lake boat.
Description 3: Have 1987 924s Porsche, will consider trade for smaller boat.

fishing reports
 Apr 8, 2007; 09:13AM - Butler Chain
 Category:  Florida
 Author Name:  Capt Tim Fey
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: This past week has been yet another very busy week, with some very good and solid bass being caught on everything from live bait to artificial lures. With the bass spawn all but over, bass have moved for the most part away from shallow waters and have staged more towards deeper waters, close to drop offs. There has on some days been some very good schooling activity going on, some days the schooling bass will just hammer the live bait, while other days they seem to prefer t-rigged worms with a small screw in bullet weight.

Monday started the week off with Ken and Chris hitting Butler Chain with some live bait action. Lake Butler and Lake Chase were the definite lakes for the best bass action as these two guys caught some good quality bass with some very aggressive hits as the bass were doing some good schooling action in the cuts. The better quality bass where caught just off the grass bed edges with Chris getting the big bass of the day just shy of 5 pounds.

Kurt fished on Wednesday working nothing but artificial bait. With a high sun and no cloud cover to speak of, we spent a lot of time pounding grass beds, Kurts first hook up was on Lake Butler, using a High Roller PopRoller in Blue Shad color. From there it was a lot of slow worming using purple and black Christmas colored worms, with one other bass coming on a Yozuri Rattlin Vibe.

Some bass are still being caught in less than 3 foot of water, but main areas of focus have been in the 4 to 6 foot range with deep water drop offs close by. Rob from came down to fish Thursday with his brother and father to catch some Florida bass and the blue bird skies and minimal breeze did make things pretty tough on the guys, but being very persistent the guys did manage some good bass, with the two biggest looking like twins, one weighing in at 4.14 and the other coming in at 4.13 pounds on the digital scale.

Friday saw Sam and his son out on Butler Chain, this youngster was very impressive with his casting skills, working bait casters like a true pro, starting the day out catching the first bass in the first 10 minutes working a spinner bait thru the grass beds on Lake Butler before switching up to the worms and catching several more. Sam kinda hung out on the back of the boat and had a blast watching his son fish, and even had his son coaching him on where to toss his lures, with his dad getting a good bass on a rattlin vibe out of the deep waters on Butler. Weather was better today, with what should be our last cold front. Very minimal schooling activity was seen on the lakes that we fished today, but itís only a matter of time before the waters start to really heat up with what will be a great top water bite.

Saturday I ended the week with Alan and his son out on Butler Chain for a 6 hour live bait trip. Alan is a local guy that wanted to hit Butler as he said he had little luck out there. We started out the day VERY cold for this time of year, water temps were down to 71 to start the day, with strong and cold winds. This was the perfect day for lock jaw, and the bass were very tough to catch as expected. Starting out on Butler and working grass line and thru the cut, Alan missed a few hook up, with his son landing 2 nice bass and having a beauty come unbuttoned as she danced on the water. From there we moved over into Lake Chase, I did spot some schooling action but no takers as we slow trolled along the grass beds, when Alan tossed his bait out, the second it hit the water it was hammered and the fight was on, with Alan landing a beauty of a bass coming in at 6.3 pounds on the digital scale. Happy Birthday Alan!!

In all the week saw some very good and solid bass being caught, with this front that is moving thru right now, water should hold to the mid 70ís for the better part of the week and that should help kick in some good top water action. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Easter.
Till my next report, tight lines and great fishing!


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